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Carolyn McBeth

Real Estate

About Carolyn McBeth

Carolyn McBeth is an Iowa native and small business owner who has gained insight into the world of real estate through her business dealings and community involvement. Since 2003, she has been the Owner/Operator and Land Manager of McBeth Northfork Farms. Originally founded by her late husband Steve, Carolyn now takes pride in being able to honor his legacy by running operations and bringing Steve’s goals to fruition. This family-owned establishment will one day be passed down to her children, but for now, Carolyn is the principal manager. In this role, she optimizes day-to-day operations on the farm, which includes buying inputs, marketing grain, and managing equipment/land acquisition.

Her specific involvement with acquisitions has given her a deeper understanding of how real estate transactions work and all of the procedures involved with them. Carolyn McBeth won’t admit to being an expert, but she certainly knows what she is talking about regarding land acquisition. Should the family farm continue growing as expected, it is likely that land acquisitions will become a larger part of the business. 

In addition to her everyday tasks, Carolyn also maintains record documentation for yield, financial and USDA purposes. She also negotiates, implements and manages cash rent farm leases for SE Iowa farmland tenant operators and other family members, which has also subsequently grown her involvement in the real estate field as she interacts with those in the industry on a regular basis.

Carolyn’s community involvement has helped her business to create more meaningful connections and establish more authority for her as an agricultural expert. Since 2020, she has been a co-leader of the Franklin Happy-Go-Luckies 4-H club. This volunteer position allows her to sow into the lives of the youth in her community and plan agricultural activities. She has always been concerned about agricultural-related issues, and she is thankful that she gets to raise awareness for these topics in her leadership role with the 4-H club, as well as grow more individuals’ excitement about the field through the immersive activities planned. In addition to this club, Carolyn McBeth is also an advisor on the Story County 4-H County Council. 

Carolyn is not one to shy away from community involvement on any level. She has been an active professional throughout all stages of her career, from her time at Iowa State University until now, and she will likely continue to give back to her community in this way for years to come. At Iowa State University, Carolyn studied Agricultural Business and was a member of various agriculture-related clubs, fraternities and honor societies. To this day, she remains an Alumni Peer Mentor to the Sigma Alpha Sorority of the University’s Delta Chapter. 

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